2016, New Year, New Opportunities!

2016, New Year, New Opportunities!

Happy New Years from Change Promotions Inc.!


We hope this first business week has given you enough time to reflect about last year; as the year 2016 will now be the date written on all your new paper work, files and cheques! The excitement for things to come; is at its peak at the beginning of the year. You now have a  fresh opportunity to improve what you felt you lacked on, or what you want to take to the next level, from the previous year. Just like we’ve found,  you probably also have many goals you’d like to work on for the new year. Here at Change Promotions Inc., our plan for the New Year is to continue to improve our order system, increase our online marketing presence; including our social media presence, as well as assist in the success of other businesses like yours, by using the various marketing services and business solutions we offer. As you know, our main services include design, print, distribution, website development, SEO, online marketing and event organization. While we also offer product solutions that allow your business to operate while branding on the daily basis; such as toner, paper, stamps, branded attire, domain registration, and web hosting.  Additionally, another one of our goals for 2016 is to grow our diverse team even further, as we plan to include a new division within our company by the summer time… So what are your goals? Whatever it (or they) might be we’d love to come alongside you, assist & make them last well into the New Year & beyond!

On another note, if you are one of our partners/clients that missed our consistent presence for the end of 2015, we are really sorry, and it was for great reasons. From the summer of 2015 some of our main team members had to focus on new projects that we’re involved in. In 2016 and beyond look out for Roots 4 Change, the GACN, Flight Unit and the newly opened restaurant in downtown Brampton, Golden Stool Restaurant and Lounge. Many organization and marketing efforts have been put into all the above! In 2016, we are proud to say that they are all on a successful path and will require less of our attention, therefore giving us more time to focus on assisting You with Your Business.

Change Promotions Inc. is especially very proud in our services provided in assisting, Chef Kwame for the start up of the restaurant & lounge, Golden Stool. If you have not heard or seen already, check it out, various marketing techniques were used to spread the word in its early stages of opening. At this point in time, the marketing campaign for the Golden Stool included, logo design, business cards, postcards, brochures, distribution, photography, videography, website development, SEO, online marketing, branded attire, domain registration, web hosting, and event organization. Below you see some of these marketing materials, find a link to their website, as well as pictures & video footage of recent events hosted at the restaurant.

We kindly invite everyone to come check it out & to bring your family & friends!


Your marketing assistant,
Change Promotions Inc.
Turning Dreams into Reality and Goals into Achievements.

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