Calendars will make your clients remember you all year *special promotion inside

Would you agree that marketing is important for your business?
We believe so also, that is why we strategically plan for different marketing concepts throughout the year.
This particular promotion is ideal for the business professional, someone like you; whose business depends on your name being on the forefront of your customers mind.
also since we are in the season of giving, the perfect present for your client is to give them a calendar for the new year.

Calendars are used in many occasions; people look at them to set their schedule for the week, to write down a special person’s birthday, any important dates or meetings, or to find out when the next holiday is.

And the great part is they could do all this with you in mind!

Take advantage of this special promotion we are offering at the best price ever. This is a limited time offer!

Whether you are looking for any of our popular calendars, or you would like to make a custom calendar, give us a call, cause we can do it all!

The following are the rates:

2000+ = $0.89/ea
1000 = $0.99/ea
500 = $1.10/ea
300 = $1.25/ea
200 = $1.40/ea
100 = $1.80/ea
50 = $2.00/ea

There are many other ways to advertise. Navigate our website to see a list the more things to offer.

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