Change Promotions Loyalty Program

Change Promotions Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of our prestigious CP Loyalty Program. We believe that it is our privilege as a company to honor our clients that choose to honor our company.

We truly APPRECIATE each of our individual clients that have recognized and embraced the value that we seek to provide for our clients as we serve you. To show our appreciation for our clients we have launched our CP Loyalty Program that will enable us to reward those who have provided us with the privilege of serving them.With the CP Loyalty Program we will be rewarding our clients with points equivalent to each dollar that they spend with our company. These points can be accumulated and redeemed by our CP Loyalty Program members for the vast array of services that we provide. These services range from print material to website development. You may be asking “what does this mean?” This means that as you accumulate points through the purchases that you make with our company, you are simultaneously accumulating points that will enable you to obtain products or service at either a fraction of the original cost or possibly NO ADDITIONAL COST!! Contact us for information about the products and services available through this program and their relative point amounts. START ACCUMULATING YOUR POINTS TODAY!! (Each CP Loyalty Program member will be given their CP Loyalty Program card and their individual ID number).

Below are some examples of what you can earn with points!!


1000 Business cards = 1000 points


5 Page Website Development = 20000 points

*includes 5 website pages with 2 pages of coding for each website page.


5000 distributed material = 10000 points


5000qty premium paper = 1000 points


High Yield Toner = 1000 points


8ft x 8ft media wall/banner = 5000 points

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