New Year, Better Business

Happy New Years !!!

by Change Promotions Inc:

The gifts have all been opened, good food, family, friends, surprise, laughter and great social times, worked in sync to create yet another memorable holiday. Yes the holidays mark the end of the year, but we shouldn’t forget that they also signify the excitement of new beginnings. Whether you’ve decided to make new years resolutions or not, as a business owner (or leader of your organization), you’ve probably thought of numerous ways to improve your business on a pretty consistent basis. You’re always in the process of finding as well as applying ways to make your business as effective and efficient as it can possibly be…in a sense, as a business owner you are constantly taking part in the resolution process, whether during the holiday season or not. Having said that, why not get assistance? Here at Change Promotions Inc., we’ve been in the marketing sector for over a decade now, which has equipped us with a wealth of knowledge of older great marketing strategies to more current marketing techniques; all in an attempt to help you grow your business. During this new year, we’d like to help you highlight your business efforts, whether it be through business cards, a new (or improved) website, pamphlets or various other branding campaigns. This email itself being one very useful method in growing your business. As one of our major focuses this year continues to be Internet Marketing, including Website Development, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, etc. Call us to make this upcoming year an improvement of the last!

We at Change Promotions Inc. have just restructured some of our systems of operations in order to improve turnover time and ensure a similar and smooth process every time you make an order. We will be introducing more electronic methods for some of our past physical processes, as in 2015 it is almost mandatory and environmentally friendly for all businesses to be electronic/online. Feel free to contact us anytime if you are having troubles or concerns with any of the new processes as we will either help you, guide you, answer questions, OR figure out together what works best for you.

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