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Client name:
Change Promotions Events
1388 Eglinton Ave W. Toronto, ON M6C 2E4
October 10, 2012
October 30, 2012
Event Organizers

Over the years Change Promotions Events have compiled so much content that we were looking for the right structure/layout website to display it. From our original website 1.0 to 2.0 to this development of 3.0, we wanted our web presence to be bigger and better. Having different branches of Change Promotions, many different events, many different community networks, many different participants, etc.; Change Promotions needed a great layout that will clearly organize/separate all these different sections. For each event we wanted the user to be able to navigate and see all its content on one page. Also it was important to include an e Commerce shop section to sell the dvds and other merch from our events.

Change Promotions found the perfect solution to incorporate all our requirements. We designed a stand out homepage that would show our presence on the web with the animation of our logo growing from small to large and glistening, showing the online growth to version 3.0. Also an easily categorized menu makes it easy for our users to navigate to any of our events or information. Home covers about us, some important news to and about some of our participants including some interviews. Events covers our 3 main events, whereas if you just click the parent navigation button, “Events”, you will be brought to the full list of events. “Shop” is for everything to buy, “Community” for our business network and “Contact Us” with all info to connect us or to do business with us. As requested each events subpage has the title, a main picture, the flyer for event, who in the community was involved, which venue the event took place at, names of the participants involved, photos from the event and other video/sound media. Everywhere on the site also gives the user some glimpses of other events to encourage them to check out all other events hosted by Change Promotions or Change Promotions Network as well.

  • WordPress
  • Easily stores and displays lots of content
  • Up to Date
  • Flashy Design
  • Quick Updates
  • Easy Updates
  • Easy to Import Content
  • Facebook Integration

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