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Website Development

Project Details

Client name:
SBL – Success Beyond Limits
755 Oakdale Rd. Toronto, ON M3N 1W7
May 10, 2012
June 10, 2012
Youth Mentorship

Success Beyond Limits is a program for youth in the Jane-Finch community. Success Beyond Limits was visual unpleased with their current website and decided to use Change Promotions Inc. to develop version 2.0. For the purpose of this website they stated, ” We hope to stay connected with the youth we serve; keep youth and their families updated with the most current SBL news; To further continue the youth vibe we have in our office and onto the web while they are at home. This will be done through the highly interactive blogs students can express their thoughts on.” After meeting with them, some other requirements they had were to create a more modern site, make it easy to update and also continue to brand their company colors.

Change Promotions Inc. right away knew they were looking for a WordPress 2012 site. This allowed Change Promotions Inc. to sophistically develop the code to make it really easy for someone else to update on WordPress. We are proud to say that can be updated with new content and look like a completely new site in less than 30 minutes. From adding blogs, to media, to programs, to stories, to funders, no advanced web developer is needed. Matter of fact, the website maintainer can even just have basic computer expertise as we set it up to be updated using commonly used upload and drag and drop functionality. Further as they requested a 100% custom design, we designed their site from scratch and are confident you will see no site like this on the web, shining bright with SBL Purple and Blue; with Jane and Finch structures that only a creative eye, and someone that knows the area would recognize.

  • 100% Custom Design
  • WordPress 2012
  • Quick Updates
  • Easy Updates
  • No Maintenance Cost
  • Free Support
  • Easy Updates
  • Facebook Integration
  • Twitter Integration

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