Do you currently have a website? Is it up to date?

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When we say up to date, we are not referring to the artistic nature of your website nor are we referring to any recent updates of your website content. In contrast, we are actually referring to the format in which your website has been developed.

If you have not built your website within the last two years, then unfortunately your website is currently outdated. This may come as a shock to you and you may be asking yourself “how can I determine if my website is really outdated??” We suggest that you type your website address into your smart phone (iphone, android, blackberry etc…) and see if it is view able. If your website is not view able then your website is currently outdated. Research shows that many people currently own smartphones and navigate online with their hand held devices (source: This means that your website must be created using the current web standard or it will not be an effective marketing tool for your business. Another advantage of an ‘up to date’ website is the opportunity to increase your rankings on google (#1 search engine) by inserting key words related to your industry; this will allow you to attract more of your targeted clients! Think about it. How many people do you know that currently play their music using a record player? What about a cassette tape? CD? We are living in a fast paced world that is continually growing and evolving and it is important that you remain in tune with the current technology in order to capitalize on opportunities for your business to grow.

Change Promotions Inc. Marketing has an in-house web team that exists to serve you and create your ‘up to date’ website from beginning to end based on your interests and budget. Simply download and complete our Website Development form on our ‘Make an Order’ Page on our website; this can be downloaded from your computer or smart phone.


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