What is a “Marketing Assistant”??

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When a client asks a Change Promotions Inc. representative what we do, we inform them that “We are their marketing assistant!”That statement may have different connotations to different individuals. Allow us to take the time to remove any ambiguity and explain what WE mean when we say that we are “your marketing assistant.”

Change Promotions Inc. has specialized in the marketing industry for 6 years. We are very familiar with both the creation and implementation of strategic plans that enable businesses to capitalize upon consumer and market trends. Similar to the manner in which a painter specializes in painting, and an auto mechanic specializes in cars, we at Change Promotions Inc. specialize in marketing and promotion.

A painter knows exactly how much paint must be applied to paint a specified surface area.

An auto mechanic is able to diagnose the problems with an automobile following a quick inspection.

Likewise, as marketing specialists, we at Change Promotions Inc. know exactly what can be done by your business to promote growth as you seize a greater portion of the market share within your industry. A painter will recommend various types of paint for a client to use in order to achieve their desired outcome; he/she can also inform their clients of both the benefits and disadvantages of each kind of paint.

Following an inspection, a mechanic will provide his/her client with a diagnosis regarding the malfunctions of their vehicle and the cost for repairs.

Following an analysis of your business, Change Promotions Inc. will develop a marketing plan that is customized to your particular business and industry. This marketing plan will be created with the purpose of acquiring new clients, retaining current clients, and increasing company profits.

A great painter is aware that after one coat of paint the job is not complete; rather, a minimum of 3 coats must be applied in order for the client to be fully satisfied with the results.

A top quality auto mechanic should always (depending on who’s your mechanic) have the clients best interest in mind when ordering parts for their vehicle, to ensure that the client is getting quality service at a reasonable price.

As “your marketing assistant” Change Promotions Inc. will do all of the negotiating with our various suppliers to ensure that our customers are receiving top quality for the lowest price on all of their marketing needs; additionally, we consistently work with our clients on a LONG-TERM basis as we seek to ensure continuous growth in their business.

Change Promotions inc. is here to assist you in a component that is the most fundamental yet the most ignored; MARKETING. We, like the major successful corporations in the world realize that it doesn’t matter if you have the best price or the best product if NO ONE knows about it. Therefore, as your marketing assistant it is our privilege to inform the consumer market about YOUR BUSINESS. Until next time…..

Change Promotions Inc . Your Marketing Assistant!

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