Introducing the *Better Price Program* for our clients!

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We at Change Promotions Inc.take great pleasure in our ability our to provide all of our clients with top quality service. As a result of our commitment to serving our clients with excellence, we are continuously discussing and implementing new strategies and programs that will serve as catalysts in our mission to serve you.

With over 7 years in the marketing industry we have built great relationships with our suppliers in all aspects of our business, with this in mind they look to serve us the best they can also. As a result of these strong relationships founded upon the unchangeable desire to serve, we have decided to implement the *Better Price Program,* (which takes affect immediately). With this new program our clients can provide us with a copy of any invoice for materials that they use and budget for, and we will communicate with our suppliers the best we can to provide you with a better price for what it is that you are currently paying for or have purchased recently. This program is the answer to cutting your business expenses and increasing your profits, and the best part is that there is NO RISK or ADDITIONAL COST to you! It only benefits you to see if you can save money, which in turn can be used for expanding your operation. We are truly committed to the success and profitability of your company and with the *Better Price Program* we believe that our commitment will be demonstrated in a tangible manner. Call us now to make your next order!! And visit us at

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