Are You Rewarding Your Customers To Increase Your Customer Retention??

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We at Change Promotions Inc. recognize the power of a satisfied client and as a result we believe that the success of a business is vitally dependent upon the satisfaction of its customers/clients. Therefore, as your marketing assistant we believe it is our duty to encourage you as business owners/decision makers to begin to give deep thought to increasing the satisfaction of both your current and future clients/customers.

One manner in which we advise you to increase the satisfaction of your customers/clients is through the use of a reward system for their loyalty to your business. There are many examples of successful companies that have tapped into this powerful tool to increase customer retention and providing rewards for customer loyalty. One such company that utilizes this effective tool is the Bank of Montreal; this company rewards its clients with air miles every time a purchase of over $15 is made using their BMO credit card.

As a result of this effective customer retention tool, we at Change Promotions Inc. would be honored to create a reward system for your business that will enable you to increase the retention of your customers. As your marketing assistant, we will lead by example and for the remainder of the month of September we will provide our client with 15% OFF on your next order if you provide us with a referral that makes an order with our company before the end of September.

Contact us right away so that we can create a customer reward system and retention plan for your business!!!!

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