Celebrate the launch of our new website with 10% off all orders.

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With the launch of our new website, we at Change Promotions Inc. would like to include our clients in this time of renewal and refreshment. As a company we have entered into a new phase of growth; as a result we found it only fitting to include our cherished clientele within this new phase. Your inclusion in our development as a company enables you to experience a 10% discount on any new orders placed before July 29th. This discount is our way of allowing you to step into a new phase of growth within your respective companies by purchasing marketing material that you may utilized to initiate this change.

We have NEW Products/Services

Toner/Ink Cartridges: (Let us know your cartridge number and we will provide you with a price at Wholesale Cost!
Paper: We provide premium paper for the same price of the low grade paper at Staples/Grand and Toy (minimum 5000 pages)
+ More to Come

Your Marketing Assistant!
Change Promotions Inc.

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